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Executive Bio

Bradley S. O'Leary

President & CEO, Associated Television News

"Tom Bell, a former partner and CEO at Young and Rubicam, said Brad O'Leary changes his life direction every seven years. Look back at Brad's career and you'll find an author, nationally syndicated Westwood One talk show host, philanthropist, television producer, restaurateur, and political consultant, pollster, fundraiser, thoroughbred horse owner, website entrepreneur and publisher of the O'Leary Report.

"Mr. O'Leary has raised over $2 billion for political figures, conservative causes and charities during his career." (Campaigns & Elections) Today, Mr. O'Leary serves as chairman of the PM Group and as president of Associated Television News.

Mr. O'Leary's lifestyle in Hollywood, CA and Washington, D.C. and his travels worldwide prompted his political and philanthropist friends to ask him for recommendations of the best hotels and restaurants in the U.S. and around the world. The requests were so numerous and frequent that he hired a full-time assistant to arrange hotel and restaurant bookings and special requests. What began as casual advice for friends soon became a business and launched him into a partnership with Laura McKenzie – the number one travel expert in the United States, producer of over 40 best-selling travel videos and the host of travel shows in high-definition in 175 countries and in over 10 million households." (Ego Magazine)

Today as President of ATI-News, Brad O'Leary publishes books on dining and travel and created the ATI-News on-line magazine and information services to offer real-time information and monitor changes in travel, including hotel and restaurant ratings on a daily basis utilizing his experience as a television producer and his position as the Chairman of Associated Television News—a real-time website with links to more than 750 English newspapers and magazines worldwide.

Over the past twelve years, Mr. O'Leary has also conducted extensive polling in conjunction with Zogby International ( for Associated Television News and his political newsletter, The O'Leary Report, on the views of the American public on political issues.

Mr. O'Leary is also the executive producer or producer of over 12 television series and 27 one-hour television specials, including a Sunday show on the bible, the award-winning Lords of the Mafia (, hosted by the late Robert Stack, that chronicled the lives of the world's mafia bosses, a series of shows on the KGB hosted by Sir Roger Moore, and the award-winning CrimeStrike series ( The KGB show resulted when Mr. O'Leary was sent to Moscow two weeks after the failure of the coup in 1991 where his mission was to teach emerging political parties about American politics. Yeltsin's friendship opened the door to contacts within the KGB who had supported him during the coup and resulted in securing files and interviews that resulted in the television documentary.

While he was there he also got a commitment to air The Planet is Alive on Russian television on December 24, 1991. The movie, an ecumenical film chronicling the life of Pope Jean Paul II, was the first religious program ever aired on Russian television. Daily Variety called the event "a coup" for its producers, Hollywood veteran Robert Evans and Brad O'Leary. Mr. O'leary is also executive producer of a number of documentary videos which can be found at Highland Entertainment (

Ego magazine noted of Mr. O'Leary: "His friendship with studio executives and celebrities gives O'Leary an instant access to Hollywood's top players…" and "…O'Leary's circle of Washington friends reads like a who's who of the GOP power brokers." Ego also called him "…the inventor of the "mega-event" and called him one of the architects of the GOP's highly successful fundraising apparatus – one emulated by the Democratic Party. Further affirmation of his skills comes from long-time friend and business partner, former Young & Rubicam CEO Tom Bell. "Brad was number one among fundraisers – and the most controversial. Word was out. If you invite O'Leary into your state in a tough race, don't plan on brining him back," says Bell. "Once he gets the job done, he'd leave a lot of dead bodies, politically."

In addition to authoring travel books, he's authored a number of political books, including Presidential Follies, which columnist William Murchison called "as one-sided and impertinent as all getout, and yet it's also acute, knowing and percipient, not to mention wonderfully readable." The book recounts Bill Clinton's 1994 mid-term election disaster – an event which resulted in Esquire magazine in 1995 naming Mr. O'Leary as one of the principal architects of the political defeats suffered by President Clinton that year and led to a Clinton-inspired IRS investigation of Mr. O'Leary.

Mr. O'Leary's book, Triangle of Death which Publisher's Weekly said put forth a "colorful theory, implicating a French heroin syndicate, the U.S. mob and the South Vietnamese government," was the product of his experiences in Vietnam in 1962 and 1963. Mr. O'Leary also drew upon his friendship with his two political mentors, former Texas Governor John Connolly and former Texas Senator John Tower and friendships Bradley S. O'Leary with KGB operatives to provide an compelling recount of the fateful events that led to the death of President John F. Kennedy. Triangle of Death, translated and published in Vietnamese, became a national best-seller in that country and was serialized for ten weeks in a major daily Vietnamese newspaper.

Most recently Mr. O'Leary authored best-seller, Audacity of Deceit: Barack Obama's War on American Values, and followed up that success with Shut Up America! The End of Free Speech. His other books, Are You a Republican or a Democrat?and Are You a Conservative or a Liberal? were used as primers in many high schools and universities.

His public career also included a successful ten-year career as a radio talk show host on NBC/Westwood One radio network where the show averaged 2 million listeners each week and featured many of Washington's top movers and shakers as guests. Mr. O'Leary's success as a talk show host landed him a guest-host opportunity Pat Buchanan's radio show and appearances on nightly political shows like CNN's Crossfire. Mr. O'Leary also enjoyed a career as a feature writer for USA Today's USA Weekend magazine where his articles were featured on a number of covers.

In the mid-1970's he assisted the U.S. Catholic Conference of Bishops and its director John McCarthy in helping with the planning and raising money from fundraising events like his successful Kennedy Center Road to Hope starring the late Bob Hope. This program resulted in taking one million refugees and placing them in 6-month to 1-year temporary homes within two weeks of landing in this country and finding jobs for 93 percent of them within three months.

In 1981, he, along with then-Paramount Studios chief Robert Evans and former NBC chief Brandon Tartikoff, launched the first nationwide anti-drug campaign. The campaign Get High on Yourself to end drug abuse was kicked off by NBC who required all daytime and evening programming to run the commercial and to have the stars of the shows introduce the commercial. The ad featured a cast 55 entertainment and sports celebrities, ranging from John Travolta to Bob Hope and Paul Newman. Today, Mr. O'Leary remains involved in anti-drug campaigns. He sits on the board of D.A.R.E. ( and is the treasurer of Chuck Norris's KICKSTART ( Foundation.

In 1999, Brad O'Leary received the Humanitarian Award at the Gala Ball hosted at The Century Plaza by Dan Aykroyd, Diahann Carroll, Fran Drescher & Howie Mandel. The event's National Honorary Chairs were Vice President and Mrs. Gore and Dinner Chairs were Joanna & Sidney Poitier. Presidents Ronald Reagan, President George Bush and President Bill Clinton all paid tribute to him at the gala.

In 1997, Mr. O'Leary, an avid sports fan, got into the thoroughbred horse racing business with a horse that went on to win the $500,000 Indian Nation's Futurity Cup at The Downs at Santa Fe. The Albuquerque Journal wrote of that achievement that "a posh nightclub will open today in Beverly Hills, and inside you will find a piece of New Mexico.

Brad O'Leary
President & CEO
Associated Television News

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